Choosing a Carport – a Good Decision for your Home

Structures that are built outside your home to offer protection for a vehicle are known as carports. These structures are useful, practical and can also be aesthetically pleasing, offering you various options for keeping your car or vehicle safe, whilst also adding an additional feature to your home. This helps homeowners to keep their vehicle protected and safe, plus carports aren’t the eyesore they once were – if you’re thinking of a wonky structure with a plastic roof, think again. A carport can easily be brought into the design of your home if required, helping you practically and actually, looking quite good for it as well.

If you are considering a carport but aren’t really sure if you need one, here are some things to think about:

  • Carports are good for protecting a vehicle from the weather. They offer a car, van, motorbike or any other kind of vehicle protection from snow, wind, rain and any other adverse weather conditions. It also shelters the paintwork from dust, dirt and birds’ droppings, helping to keep it in better condition. This means that your car will stay higher in value, as it has been well cared for.
  • It keeps your car warmer. This is important when it’s very cold outside, as some cars may struggle to start. A carport will keep the vehicle warmer so that you are less likely to run into problems with the engine.
  • They can be attractive, aesthetically pleasing structures. A carport can be designed and built onto your property to complement its appearance, actually adding to it and giving extra kerb appeal. If you choose the right kind of carport, it can be highly attractive and add a sense of character to your property. Choose from modern or traditional styles – there are plenty of options.
  • It could reduce the cost of your insurance. Parking a car off road on a driveway can massively reduce the cost of your insurance. If you also park it inside a carport, hiding it from view slightly and giving it added protection, this could reduce the costs further. Tell your insurance company if you install a new carport.

You can choose from various structures. A carport could be:

  • Attached to the side of the house to give it extra stability
  • A freestanding structure
  • Something that is built between two houses

There are also various types of material you can choose from. The choice will mainly be about aesthetics and price, as these are the main factors to consider. Something like plastic may be cheaper, but a material like wood will look more premium. All types of carport are going to give a similar level of protection, so you are better off making your decision based on the way you would like the structure to look, and whether you can easily afford it. Materials will also age and weather at different rates, so look into the hardiest options for your property.