Dealing With Paint Spillages

If you are painting a ceiling with emulsion and you end up with a paint spillage, don’t worry too much… it is possible to remove it! The fortunate thing about emulsion of course is that it dissolves in water, so you can try a clean-up job with water first. The solubility of emulsion will allow you to get it out by wetting the carpet. Rubbing the carpet spot with a damp cloth will remove most of the paint. It is important, however, to rub cautiously to avoid magnifying the spot. If the carpet is waterproof, then it is best to wait for the paint to dry because it will sit on top of the fibres.

If the spillage is on a hardwood floor or tiling, you can use soapy water to remove it. These surfaces shouldn’t give you much of a challenge. Soluble paint tends to forms a cake when it dries. If you notice an emulsion spillage a little late and it has fully dried, then remove the cake first with a sharp edge (like a knife) then mop with soapy water.

Caution is necessary when dealing with wooden floors because of the varnish coating or wax that may be present. Paint removers may alter the condition of the varnish. Spillages on laminate floors are not hard to take care of because the paint can peel off.