Looking After Your Paint Brush

Quality paint brushes improve with use so it is important to look after them well. Take time to clean brushes thoroughly after use – for water-based paint warm, soapy water is best, and oil-based paint requires a purpose-made solvent remover. Work the correct liquid through the bristles until all the paint has been worked loose, then spin the brush to remove as much of the liquid as possible. Spinning can be done by hand, or by using a professional brush spinner. The next step is to comb the bristles with a paint brush comb, or a dog comb works too, then lay the brush flat to dry. Treat the bristles with fabric conditioner or hair conditioner to prolong the life of the brush further. Once it is completely dry, put the brush back into its original packaging to keep the correct shape – some professional even place their brushes in a vapour box to keep them in tip top condition. We hope these tips help and let us know how you get on.