Oven cleaning ideas, hints and tips to have a spotless oven

Oven cleaning can become a real pain when the time comes. Dried, burnt-on food which could be lingering for weeks at a time requires the use of special chemicals to truly come up with a good finish. However, there are some hints and tips to get the perfect shine with your oven.

The first step is to ensure that you take all the detachable parts and place them to the site. This will help create more space for the detergent to soak through and on areas which you may not be able to get to. Then apply in a thick coating, a super-market own brand of oven cleaner. This will help loosen up the stuck on food. Then wait for 30-60 minutes for the detergent to truly soak into the food areas and follow up with wiping down the oven with a warm bowl of hot soapy water and rinse thoroughly. Repeat the process if food is still stuck to the oven.