The Natural Beauty of Timber Garage Doors

If you are in the market for a new garage door, the material will be one of the most key considerations. It will affect the appearance of the door, and it will also affect its quality and its longevity, which decides whether it is ultimately worth the money. Timber garage doors can deliver on all fronts – they look great, they’re classy, timeless, premium, and they are good value for money because they will last for a long time. Their natural beauty will show through and it will be immediately clear when you have chosen real timber rather than imitation – the door will stand out from the crowd and will help to give your home added kerb appeal. It will look beautiful from a distance, and up close, because the detail of timber makes it special.

There are many types of timber that lend themselves perfectly to garage doors: oak, redwood, cedar, pine, spruce, and more. All of these doors will be very high quality and so the type of timber you choose will be mainly because of the appearance; you have the freedom to pick a look that suits your property and your personal tastes. If you have other timber around the exterior of your home such as a front door, a gate or wooden fascias, then you can choose a garage door that will match for a fully unified appearance.

What makes timber garage doors special? Some top reasons to pick timber garage doors to help create a beautiful home.

Timber garage doors make your home look elegant and stylish. Wood is a natural material and has a lot going for it. Here are some reasons you should carefully consider before choosing a door:

  • Quality. Timber doors are naturally high quality. They’re made of solid wood, not a manmade material, so they are strong and resilient. They won’t be easily damaged.
  • Strength. Timber is strong and acts as a great defence for your garage, providing additional security.
  • Eco friendliness. Timber is one of the most sustainable materials that you can choose. It is a renewable material and when it is sourced from sustainably managed forests, it will contribute to a sustainable world.
  • Energy efficiency. Timber is also a natural thermal insulator and will help to keep your garage well insulated. This won’t cost extra – the quality of the wood alone will make for a well insulated building.
  • Appearance. The main attraction of wood is its appearance. Natural wood is stunning and it is completely unique because of the woodgrain. No two pieces of timber will ever be exactly the same and you can pick the type of timber that you prefer.
  • Versatility. Wooden garage doors can suit a completely modern new build. Equally they can look stunning on an older property such as a country cottage, or an older terraced home. You can install a timber garage door of any type, anywhere and it will create the desired aesthetic effortlessly. Timber garage doors help make normal homes into dream homes.