Renting a Property in London – The competitive real estate market

When it comes to looking for a property in London, you may be stuck to find the perfect property in such a competitive minefield. London is renowned for being terrible to be able to take your time over looking for a flat, apartment or even a house (if you’re lucky or rich enough).

If you do manage to snap up a property then you’ll be invited to go see it with the estate agent of owner of the building. You’ll be shown around and ensure that you’re happy with the price that you’ll be paying for what you’re getting.

By that time, another 5 to 10 people would have already called up wanting to reserve it and more than likely the estate agent would ask you for the deposit immediately. You won’t be able to give the line ‘we shall think about it and get back to you tomorrow’ because the property would generally be sold 1 hour later.