How Can a Garage Door be Bespoke?

Many homes are now designed and built with garages and period properties often have garages too. Several years down the line when the door needs replacing, though, it can become more difficult. Bespoke garage doors can account for any difficulties in finding a standard size that is the perfect fit, so any type of garage and property can be accommodated. Doors that are bespoke can be made to custom sizes but can also be made to custom designs that will make them highly adaptable.

A garage relies heavily on its door to be secure and fully functional. Aside from that, though, the door also adds character. It is a key part of a building’s appearance – if you think a front door is important, think about how much bigger a garage door is. If it is old, damaged, worn, or just does not suit the appearance of the property and its general surroundings, then it is not doing a home justice. With bespoke garage doors readily available, though, there is always a viable solution. There is no excuse to have a garage door that is subpar.

When is a bespoke garage door a better option than a standard garage door?

Sometimes a standard garage door will be perfectly sufficient and the homeowner can choose from many styles and designs that will be an excellent fit. If this is not the case though, a bespoke garage door might be a much better option. These are some of the circumstances when a bespoke door might serve a purpose:

  • The garage has an oversized opening. A larger than usual opening is a good reason to choose a bespoke door. A standard door will often not fill the gap properly which can cause issues with insulation and security. It is a better option to have a garage door made to order, to a specific size, so that the perfect fit can be achieved.
  • Awkward shapes. An older garage could pose problems for modern garage doors if it is an unusual design, size or shape. A bespoke garage door can be made in a style and shape to fit the garage perfectly.
  • Special glazing. All glazing requirements can be accommodated with a bespoke, custom garage door. Glazing panels can be incorporated into the design to add more light and they can be any shape or size; this will let in more natural light. Specialist glazing types can also be included such as toughened glass or acoustic glass.
  • Bespoke colour requirements. Most garage doors come in standard RAL colours. Different colour combinations and variations are possible with bespoke doors and they can be hand painted if needed. They can also be made in period styles to suit older or more traditional properties. In this instance, the garage door would usually be made of timber.

Bespoke garage doors can be made from many different types of material including timber, steel and aluminium. The choices are essentially limitless as the style, character, material, shape and size can all be modified and adapted to suit the needs of the owner.