Maximising Space With A Sectional Garage Door

Sectional garage doors give a garage less intrusion than traditional up and over doors with no loss of external driveway space  as with swing out doors.  They work by having vertical panels which are mechanically lifted and pushed along rails within the garages keeping close to the ceiling  meaning more of the garage space  can be used.  Sectional Garage doors are  remotely controlled or via a control panel within the garage.  The sectional panels can be insulated to give a luxury feel.  The panels in a sectional door can be made from Timber, Aluminium or Steel.  Timber doors give a unique, high quality finish with natural tones using wood such as Cedar, Norwegian Spruce and Oak, where as metal and Aluminium doors can be spray coated to match your front door or a totally different colour to give a new lease of like to a drab garage.  Whichever sectional door you decide on you will be pleasantly surprised with the ease of use.