What is a Garden Glass Room?

A garden glass room is an almost seamless, transparent structure that is added to a home to give it a larger footprint. This gives the homeowner more space, more value, as well as beautiful garden and outdoor views. It is a popular option for anyone wanting to have a better way of living and improve their home around their lifestyle.

How is a glass room constructed? 

A glass room is known as a garden glass room because it is the perfect blend of indoor and outdoor living. A conservatory or orangery simply cannot achieve the same results due to the solidness of the structure; there will be walls, bricks and obvious windows. Nothing about a glass room really feels like a room, giving it a very unique aesthetic. You could almost be out of doors. This is because the frame of the glass room has a seamless construction, with the glass panes joined together at the corners without visible supports. You will have a panoramic view in all directions, around your garden and beyond.

That’s not to say a garden glass room isn’t hardy – it is still a room, that will give good protection from the elements, whilst giving the impression you are out of doors. You will be able to lay a flooring of your choice and furnish the room however you want, making it feel like a part of your home, but with better views.

There are lots of optional extras you can choose when designing your glass room. This will all depend on what you want to get out of the room and how you will be using it. For example, if you mainly plan on using your room for entertaining, it might be important to make it more weatherproof. This will mean offering your guests protection from the sun, as well as from the rain. This could be in the form of an awning – several different models are available, that can sit either inside or outside of the glass room roof. You might also choose to have blinds at the sides of your glass room, or a freestanding shade on the outside, to give some protection from the sun in very hot weather. To provide good ventilation, you can also choose to have sliding doors and sides to give your space some natural ventilation.

Of course, the cold weather can be equally important to deal with. You might want to install underfloor heating, or perhaps some LED lights to make your room feel brighter in dull weather. Heaters are also available, which can be fitted into your room to give it some extra warmth in the cold winter months.

How is a glass room built? 

When understanding what a glass room is, you need to understand that it is a much simpler construction than a conservatory. You will not normally need planning permission or foundations to be dug, meaning your room can be built straight away. It will take much less time to build than a conservatory as well.